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Thursday, January 19, 2006
We ain't no legend, ain't no cause, we're just livin' for today! Home
Posted at 1:30 PM by Aditya

there was an article in delhi times, a really small one on the top left (in the blue box) which spoke of the rock scene finally settling in india, with bands coming up with hindi rock songs which appeal to many people and hence pull in a greater audience. it also said that rock, which was previously considered as loud music bordering on noise, is now looked on as music with deep meaning lyrics, and an instensity not found in other genres.

well, thank you! its about time they realised that rock is the king of all other genres when it comes to music. no other can boast of bigger names, and more famous songs than rockers. watching american idol yesterday, they showed clips of one guy who they labelled 'rocker', and who was trailer-ized as one who passed the first round, and is off to hollywood. i heard him sing, and boy does he have a voice! its good that rock is getting the recognition it needs even in competitions such as american idol with pop fanatics such as paula and simon. although its also true that rock has somehow lost the sheen of the years gone by. look at rock now, and all you see is shouting, hammering, pummeling and thrashing of instruments. the glory of rock somehow disappeared with the time, and yet there are crusaders like alter bridge and velvet revolver who fight on, to save the day, and keep the faith alive.

back to indi-rock. their are bands, and then there are gods. small bands like jal and strings who have managed to create a stir in the country, are nothing much but mere pawns on the board, with the bishops and rooks being better bands like indian ocean, or parikrama. i'm not sure if india has what it takes to roll out a band to the likes of maybe pink floyd or guns and roses. come up with guitarists who are as good as slash, tremonti, gilmour, adrian smith and be able to keep their ego to a minimum enough to be able to dedicate and pledge themselves to a band. no, we indians seek personal fame. thats why people like steve vatz go for solo careers ... because they know that the whole band getting recognition for their talent, is something they just can't tolerate.

why? why not look towards the greater cause, and take steps to put the king back on the throne. personal goals are irrelevant if the kingdom falls. personal gains are shortlived, if the army is killed. wake up people! and i know, wake up they will, because the call of rock can't be ignored for long. the call of the crunch, the rythm, the 6 strings cannot be blocked from the adrenaline that runs through the chosen ones. it just can't ... it just won't!

and now in the words of AC/DC --

We rock at dawn on the frontline, Like a bolt right outta the blue!
The sky's alight with the guitar bite, Heads will roll n' rock tonight!

We're just a battery for hire with the guitar fire, Ready and aimed at you!
Pick up your balls and land up your cannon, For the twenty-one gun salute!

For those about to rock, We salute you!!

give a listening to bas yeh meri kahaani / zinda hoon (strings). its a lovely song! :D

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