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Monday, January 02, 2006
where's the music? Home
Posted at 1:17 PM by Aditya

*beginning of rant*

ok! last year was supposed to be the year when the biggest bands and musicians were supposed to come to india to perform and rock the place up ... and the only BIG musicians that i can remember from that year, happens to be englebert (who was phenomenol btw!) and satriani (who never came to delhi in the first place!). what happened to the guys like bono, steve vai, megadeth who were going to come? plus the list was much bigger than these names. none of them showed up, and we didn't get as much as a whiff of good ol' rock music!

if you call people like bryan adams music, then please! give me the biggest break! its like i've always said, his songs can be categorised into three specific topics:
  • my girlfriend left me!
  • i miss her a lot!
  • i still love her, and i want her back!
thats it! hes nothing more than a washed up love sick dumbass!! (sorry adams, had to break it to you). i remember when GnR came here. we asked them to play something popular like bryan adams, i mean, they literally insulted my god by asking him to play the guitar to a pesky mortal like adams!! unforgivable, intolerable! im sure that because of the memories of that, velvet revolver will think twice before they decide to show up here.

what the hell is wrong with us? the local police brought up the no loud music after 10 rule when satriani was in concert ... i mean, wtf?? have they seriously got no brains? the one's who aren't leaving this country, will forever be treated to the likes of ricky martin and bryan adams ... enjoy fellow countrymen, your musical intellect is officially going to be oppressed and ruined because some people in the government don't understand what music is, and many people in the country cannot understand what rock means!

sheesh! even someone like sir paul mcCartney can be heard and enjoyed, but hey, why will he come! how does he know that people here listen to the likes of the beatles, only the greatest pop, rock n' roll band to ever exist!! no ... we rather hear she bangs, she bangs!! from that italian gigolo of a human being..!

im sure it must be coming across very clearly how mad i am because of our washed up music scene. every musical concert has to be supported by hollywood stars dancing, doing skits and what not! why can't we just have people like a.r.rehman, sandeep chowta, himesh reshammiya, opening the acts for the main bands which might be kind enough to show up!! why can't we do that? an evening of plain music, no strings attached? people will pay to watch and enjoy, i know i would, as will a lot of others!

c'mon! give us a shot!!!

*end of rant*


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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:20 PM, January 02, 2006  


did oo mice meee?? :D
hows r ooooo?
sorry it took me soooo long...actully inthe navv saalgiraa i get drnking adn i was talli 4 too days
my bestfriend champa also called me talli visson hehehhehehheheh
huppy new ear
i hope your intelligentness will be there for u always and your gooood kend nature will cum and plough its plant all over me...this will make me feel very sensexual
anee way're such a copy cat! naughty naugty!! i'll call you billi massi from now...hehehheeh

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:25 PM, January 02, 2006  

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