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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
who's woods these are, i think i know... Home
Posted at 5:54 PM by Aditya

i remember boldly proclaiming that churning out news regarding the gaming front is no mean task ... and i could and would keep people updated on the latest happenings in the games world, try my hand at journalism! but now, at the end of one and a half months, and one article later, i sit here eating my own words ... yeah! im man enough to admit it. churning out articles and headlines is not easy, especially about a dead industry which just refuses to catch up with the worlds!

but then again, me sitting at home staring and clicking away at the myriad web sites and pages regarding games will not have much details and updates about the latest happenings, but i sure would have seen or heard something on television if anything out of the ordinary would have come up. but since it hasn't, the scene can be assumed as dead as before, and so is my incentive to try my hand at gaming journalism! i might try again at a later date when i really don't have anything to do, but for the moment, that's one chapter closed!

speaking of journalism, there's a really good article over at ecmanaut; johan's blog. its about firefox extensions, stability and standardisation. an extract from the post -

I was very long overdue starting fresh with a new firefox profile, my prior one having made my installation very prone to frequent browser crashes, which isn't something you should just accept and live with. Firefox installations, much like Windows installations, have a tendency to rot and degrade with time, especially if you try out software by third party sources (which equals "not from the Mozilla foundation", in the case of firefox and "not from Microsoft", for Windows).
the playstation 3 has been delayed from the spring launch in the US. the wall street says its looking at a november launch, but others are just praying for the quickest release! its really going to set standards, and give the xbox360 enough competition to rock your house! :) [whatever that meant! :P]

nothing more to add, except that as akanksha has told you, she's now a partner-administrator on this blog! means she can regulate all posts, moderate all comments, and make any change she decides to. so watch out people! there's a new boss in town! :D

until next time!

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