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Sunday, January 22, 2006
The Lonely Heart's Club Home
Posted at 10:33 AM by Aditya

just the fancy of music caught me the other day (nothing new there!), and i started going through the profiles and biographies of the greatest rock bands the world has produced. then, i began looking at indian rock bands, and rock performances scheduled for this year, since the article in the delhi times (mentioned here) so graciously stated that rock has come of age in india.

small gigs keep happening all over the place, and a few names are known, might be even famous in their own parts ... but out of the biggest rock acts and concerts of the year, only one is taking place in delhi -the great indian rock x. its from the 17th to 19th february, so if you're interested, i'll suggest you begin gearing up, because the boards will be right around the corner, and you won't get to see it if you ain't well prepared for atleast your first exam. that said, its going to be (hopefully) amazing! :)

there is also a concert by led zeppelica and parikrama at saarang '06 which will be held in chennai. GIR is more a platform for competing bands, and you may hear songs you have no clue about. atleast with saarang, the songs will be familiar (zeppelica is a cover artist of led zeppelin). was this the awakening that dt was talking about? i hope not! we should be able to hold concerts of the magnitude and scales of live 8. surely we have the infrastructure to hold something of that sort with two stadiums and lots of open ground (pragati maidan)? what we have to see if politics of today allow it to be done!

of course! it can only get better, 'cuz we have nothing to go back to! the times are a'changin'! :D

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